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About Deborah

"Kindness and love are Universal.

Helping someone will then help them

to help someone else."

Deborah Germain is a caring and passionate therapist and instructor, using various modalities to allow clients and students to make the most of their opportunities in life.​

​Deborah had worked entirely within an office environment until deciding to follow her dream of helping people through Bowen Therapy. Having been the recipient of Bowen Therapy treatments since her early 20s, she understood the physical and emotional benefits this modality offers. Following this dream led her to train with Vimla Rao, becoming a qualified Bowen Therapist in 2014, then following on and completing her Diploma of Bowen Therapy in 2015. 

Never satisfied with current achievements, Deborah continues learning and improving her therapy skills and, in 2018, added the complementary McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) technique to her therapy toolbox. MSTR assists clients by releasing “stuck” scar tissue in the body, further enhancing the Bowen Therapy treatment. 

Deborah has always believed throughout her career that she would become a trainer/instructor. She has trained and inducted many people within the office/work environment and now finds that she can combine her office training experience with her passion for Hypnotherapy and Bowen Therapy.


Studying her Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Deborah is now able to offer her Clinical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy, Bowen Therapy and MSTR skills to assist clients - through the emotional, the mental and the physical.​​​

More recently, Deborah has become an Access Bars Practitioner thus giving her clients even more options to find the right fit for their journey on the way to health and wellness.

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Deborah's Approach

Deborah assists every person that finds her based on their own individual requirements, utilising all the tools in her "toolbelt" to truly help them emotionally, mentally and physically.

She believes that to assist a person to be the best they can be requires looking for the cause of the issue rather than just covering up the symptoms.

Deborah allows each person to process at their own pace, understanding that, at times, it can take removing a number of layers before a person is truly ready to face the cause. Alternatively, getting to the cause can also occur at their first appointment.


Whichever way a person wishes to approach their health and wellness, Deborah is there to support them.

About Deborah
Deborah's Approach
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